Gluten Free New York


My first few weeks in New York have been amazing but a total whirlwind and I hoped I could blog more often to share all the great gluten free finds I have made. You can keep up to date on my daily food diary via twitter though just follow me on @glutenfree4tea . The first thing that’s great about eating out gluten free in New York is the amount of places that offer it, I have found or stumbled across so many restaurants, cafés and shops all over the city that offer gluten free menus or gluten free dishes. It’s also so convenient here, I ended up getting alot dinners to takeaway which is perfect if you are working in the city or need something quick for lunch or dinner. Here are my list of finds so far;

Pips Place
Murray Hill and Upper East Side

Il start with one of the best, a 100% gluten free bakery! I was very lucky that one of their cafés is right by where I am currently staying so I have already been a few times. They have the most delicious fresh baked cakes, cookies, brownies  and cupcakes. Plus they do a special grilled cheese sandwich on their home baked bread. Definitely Continue reading

A First Class Gluten Free Experience


I have been travelling back home to Leeds from London regularly for the past 3 years I have lived in London so I am a regular passenger on the East Coast train service from Kings Cross. I usually travel in standard class, which is more than fine for my 2.5 hour trip back up north, but on recommendations from my friends I have started to convert to first class and haven’t been disappointed! If you book far enough in advance (which I always do) it’s not actually that much more than standard class and with the east coast points reward scheme sometimes I even get a free ticket, which is nice.

During week nights East Coast offer a free meal with a first class ticket which includes complimentary soft and alcoholic drinks, snacks, a hot main course and a dessert. They are very good with gluten allergies, they did actually used to have a dedicated gluten free main course option marked on the menu but before my trip I checked and this wasn’t the case anymore. Here is the menu Continue reading

Saviour Healthy Snack Boxes


I am always very excited to hear about new gluten free products especially those that are designed to make life easier for living gluten free. My friend Justine at Flux Fluid Motion UK recently put me in touch with Saviour Snacks as she loved their inventive product. As a fitness guru, Justine is always on the look out for healthy and nutritional foods that work together with an active lifestyle so I knew she was onto a good thing. They make healthy and balanced snack boxes that are tailored to your dietary or lifestyle needs and then they deliver them to your door in the post. People have probably heard of Graze boxes, well I was always very jealous of colleagues who munched away at these in the office and I hadn’t seen any like Saviour that offer an allergy free version.

I was excited when my box arrived in the post a few days later and loved the packaging it came in. They identify each type of box with a sticker on the side so mine was clearly gluten free only. Each box comes Continue reading

GBK’s Improved Gluten Free Burgers


In my recent post about GBK’s new gluten free menu I talked about how I liked the burgers but wasn’t that happy about the bun, it was dry and crumbly and did let the burger down. Not long after my post I was contacted by GBK with some great news, they have improved their gluten free buns. They asked if I would like to go back and try them and kindly sent me some vouchers.

I decided to go try out one of these improved burgers on my lunch break as GBK offer a handy takeaway service. I went for the classic cheese burger which was cooked medium with an American style cheese topping. By the time I got back to my desk I couldn’t wait to try it! The first thing that struck me was how huge the burger was and in comparison to the drier, smaller bun I was presented at my last visit to GBK so this was a vast improvement already. The new burgers looked amazing before Continue reading

Gluten Free Victoria Sponge

jane blog 001

Victoria Sponge may seem an over simple recipe to make as it’s always one of the first things you learn to bake as a child, but mastering the art of any gluten free baking isn’t as straight forward and you have to go back to basics.

I love baking, but I have to admit I have had my share of failures when it comes to making the perfect gluten free cake that is light but moist and holds its shape. Recipes have to be adapted properly to compensate for the lack of gluten Continue reading

Asian Fusion at Banana Tree

banana tree

I ventured south of the river last night to Clapham Junction for a friends house warming party. We went for dinner beforehand to Banana Tree which serves Indochinese cuisine a mix South East Asia dishes and flavours- delicious!

Asian food can be quite hit and miss due to soy sauce always finding its way in somewhere but Banana Tree have a dedicated gluten free menu with plenty of choices for starters, mains and desserts. I went for the ‘The Legendary Rendang’ a slow cooked beef curry dish in a rich nutty sauce with a side of boiled rice and a Thai cocktail. On ordering the waiter had full knowledge of what I could and couldn’t have so I felt confident they knew what they were doing and the food tasted great.

They have 6 locations around London so I will definitely be going back to sample some of the other GF dishes on offer!

An introduction…

Before I became allergic to gluten I didn’t have any particular passion for food and cooking but now I consider it to be a daily obsession! (in a good way!) I love finding new places to go for dinner or seeing gluten-free sandwiches and cakes on offer in cafes and the best bit of all …going to sample them. I also enjoy creating new gluten-free dishes and testing them out on my friends so I have decided it’s about time I shared my obsession with everyone else who wants to find great food that is free from worry.

 Having spent my whole life eating carefree it wasn’t until my final year of University that I began to feel constantly sick and bloated and I put it down to coursework and dissertation stress but eventually it was effecting my every day life. Unconvinced with the initial diagnosis of IBS I persisted with my GP and after blood tests (to rule out anything more serious) they finally put it down to an allergy to gluten and they advised I cut it out of my diet and the effects were almost immediate. After figuring out the answer to my first question of “what on earth is gluten?!” I have spent the past 4 years following a strict gluten-free diet.

I currently live in Haggerston, East London with my best friend Charlotte and our 3 legged foster cat- Furby. London has proven to be a great place to live for any food allergy sufferers as it’s almost common place to see gluten-free menus in restaurants and ‘free from’ sections in supermarkets. My friends and my boyfriend Anthony have been the best GF supporters over the years- coming with me to try new menus and adapting our weekly ‘come dine with me’ dinners. Also not forgetting my mum who makes the best gluten-free cakes I have ever tasted so I always look forward to sampling her new creations when I pop back up to Leeds for the weekend to see my parents.

 It would be great to hear from anyone else living in London or anywhere in the UK/ World who likes my posts and shares my passion for living a happy gluten-free life….

 Love Jane


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