Gluten Free New York


My first few weeks in New York have been amazing but a total whirlwind and I hoped I could blog more often to share all the great gluten free finds I have made. You can keep up to date on my daily food diary via twitter though just follow me on @glutenfree4tea . The first thing that’s great about eating out gluten free in New York is the amount of places that offer it, I have found or stumbled across so many restaurants, cafés and shops all over the city that offer gluten free menus or gluten free dishes. It’s also so convenient here, I ended up getting alot dinners to takeaway which is perfect if you are working in the city or need something quick for lunch or dinner. Here are my list of finds so far;

Pips Place
Murray Hill and Upper East Side

Il start with one of the best, a 100% gluten free bakery! I was very lucky that one of their cafés is right by where I am currently staying so I have already been a few times. They have the most delicious fresh baked cakes, cookies, brownies  and cupcakes. Plus they do a special grilled cheese sandwich on their home baked bread. Definitely Continue reading

Review of The Gilbert Scott


The Gilbert Scott  is the stunning restaurant inside of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel  and I recently got taken here for lunch by my very kind relatives who were visiting London.I can see why they chose here, its beautiful inside the hotel and being led to the restaurant felt abit like walking through Hogwarts, the dining area is equally as grand.

The meal started off well, after explaining about my gluten allergy they promptly brought me my own portion of gluten free bread and butter, which I always think is a nice touch so you don’t feel left out when the rest of the table can dig into Continue reading

A First Class Gluten Free Experience


I have been travelling back home to Leeds from London regularly for the past 3 years I have lived in London so I am a regular passenger on the East Coast train service from Kings Cross. I usually travel in standard class, which is more than fine for my 2.5 hour trip back up north, but on recommendations from my friends I have started to convert to first class and haven’t been disappointed! If you book far enough in advance (which I always do) it’s not actually that much more than standard class and with the east coast points reward scheme sometimes I even get a free ticket, which is nice.

During week nights East Coast offer a free meal with a first class ticket which includes complimentary soft and alcoholic drinks, snacks, a hot main course and a dessert. They are very good with gluten allergies, they did actually used to have a dedicated gluten free main course option marked on the menu but before my trip I checked and this wasn’t the case anymore. Here is the menu Continue reading

Whyte and Brown, Soho


London loves a concept restaurant and loads have popped up recently serving just one item such as burgers, steak or hotdogs and they all stick to the theme and offer minimal variations on their menu. This can sometimes be a total no go for a gluten free diet. So when I heard that my friend’s birthday meal would be at a new ‘chicken and beer’ concept restaurant I feared I wouldn’t have much to choose from. How wrong I was!

Last weekend my friend had booked a table at Whyte and Brown. It’s a new restaurant in Soho just off Carnaby Street in the beautiful Kingly Court (pictured above). Their website says that Whyte & Brown “focus on just a few hero ingredients – chicken, eggs and craft beer. It’s a Continue reading

Gluten Free Hotel in Dubrovnik

Gluten Free Rosemary Prawns at Hotel Ariston

Gluten Free Rosemary Prawns at Hotel Ariston

I have just returned from a wonderful week in Dubrovnik, please see my previous blog post ‘Beautiful Dubrovnik’ to find out about the amazing GF food I found there. But the restaurants weren’t the only place I found GF; our accommodation Hotel Ariston turned out to be an excellent place to stay with a variety of GF foods available (pasta, bread, cereals etc) and allergy symbols on the menus in their restaurant.

Hotel Ariston is one of 4  hotels in the Importanne Resort located in the picturesque Babin Kuk area of Dubrovnik. As we arrived at lunchtime we went straight to the Restaurant Zoe and as I scoured the menu I spotted the golden ‘Gluten Free’ symbols all over the menu and I almost jumped for joy! It made it so easy when choosing dishes to know exactly what was gluten free.

Gluten Free symbols on the menu at Restaurant Zoe

Gluten Free symbols on the menu at Restaurant Zoe

Continue reading

Gluten free in Brugge, Belgium

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge has everything, beautiful architecture, winding rivers, bustling markets and plenty of traditional pubs, but what is doesn’t have is gluten free! I found Brugge to be the most difficult place I have visited in terms of food since being diagnosed with a gluten allergy 4 years ago. Brugge is a very small city compared to Brussels, which has a wider variety of allergy free food. However, I still managed to eat during the two days I was there so here are my tips for anyone planning on a gluten free trip to Brugge:

Bring your own bread rolls to dinner/ lunch
I asked in every restaurant if they had any on offer and none did, in fact a lot of places hadn’t heard of, or understood what I was asking for even with the phrases I had learnt (more about that later). Continue reading