The Best Gluten Free Burger – Honest!

Q. When is a burger not a burger? A. When it is without its bun!
I have spent many years seeing all these new gourmet burger shops open up advertising a GF burger but on closer inspection of the menu this simply meant a ‘bun-less’ burger! Why on earth would you want a dry patty of beef on your plate – after all, you wouldn’t call a piece of ham a ‘bread-less’ sandwich?! However, my hunt for a proper GF burger came to an end a few weeks ago when I read a tweet from Kevin of about Honest Burger and their GF buns!! This would be the first GF burger I have eaten out for over 4 years so I wasn’t going to hang around- 2 days later I was walking into their Camden Branch to try it out for myself. They have 3 branches one in Camden, Brixton¬†Market and Soho with another on its way in Notting Hill.

Celia Lager’s Gluten Free Pop Up Restaurant

When I heard there was a pop up restaurant opening that served only gluten free food I was incredibly excited as this would be a first for me. ¬†So I couldn’t wait to head down to Brixton last night to see it for myself and it did not disappoint. Celia Lager are the brains (and chef!) behind this excellent pop up at WAG Free bakery, nestled inside the buzzing Brixton Market.

Celia Lager Pop-up Restaurant @ WAG Free Brixton

Celia Lager Pop-up Restaurant @ WAG Free Brixton

They have Martin, the gluten free chef, cooking up some delights in the kitchen and Nick making sure you have plenty of Celia Lager to wash it down with! They have launched this Continue reading