Gluten Free For Tea in NYC!



Gluten Free For Tea is crossing the Atlantic!

I have some exciting news, I will be living in New York for a couple of months from the start of August. I cannot wait to head over stateside and sample all the gluten free delights the city has to offer, I will be asking all my kind followers and American friends to suggest lots of places I can visit and of course blog about.

I have been to New York before but only for a few days, so this time I will get the opportunity to see so much more and eat so much more food! I also plan to visit other cities / states when I am there so will be calling on the social media world to help me out 🙂

If anyone can get the ball rolling and suggest some places that would be amazing! I hear that the choice is huge out there so it will be interesting to compare how London and New York are doing for GF food.


2 Oxford Place (100% GF Restaurant) Leeds



2 Oxford Place has recently opened its doors in Leeds and is the city’s first 100% gluten free restaurant. In fact I’m sure its one of only a handful in the country that can make this claim, even in London I only know of a couple. I was already planning a visit back home to Leeds this weekend and heard that 2 Oxford Place had just opened so I had to Continue reading

La Baronia, Southampton


Thank you very much to all my twitter followers who helped me find somewhere to eat lunch in Southampton a couple of weeks ago. We were visiting a friend down there but as he was new to the area too, none of us had any idea of gluten free places to go. Thank you in particular though to Emma ( @emma_jayne86 ) who suggested about 10 different places to try but most recommended La Baronia, a Mexican just outside the city centre. If you are ever around Southampton and want the best gluten free Mexican food, go here! It is amazing and basically the whole menu is gluten free ( see all the GF symbols below) and the food is superb. All the tacos and tortillas are made from corn and I felt safe that the kitchen had good GF knowledge so there would be no cross contamination.

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A First Class Gluten Free Experience


I have been travelling back home to Leeds from London regularly for the past 3 years I have lived in London so I am a regular passenger on the East Coast train service from Kings Cross. I usually travel in standard class, which is more than fine for my 2.5 hour trip back up north, but on recommendations from my friends I have started to convert to first class and haven’t been disappointed! If you book far enough in advance (which I always do) it’s not actually that much more than standard class and with the east coast points reward scheme sometimes I even get a free ticket, which is nice.

During week nights East Coast offer a free meal with a first class ticket which includes complimentary soft and alcoholic drinks, snacks, a hot main course and a dessert. They are very good with gluten allergies, they did actually used to have a dedicated gluten free main course option marked on the menu but before my trip I checked and this wasn’t the case anymore. Here is the menu Continue reading

Saviour Healthy Snack Boxes


I am always very excited to hear about new gluten free products especially those that are designed to make life easier for living gluten free. My friend Justine at Flux Fluid Motion UK recently put me in touch with Saviour Snacks as she loved their inventive product. As a fitness guru, Justine is always on the look out for healthy and nutritional foods that work together with an active lifestyle so I knew she was onto a good thing. They make healthy and balanced snack boxes that are tailored to your dietary or lifestyle needs and then they deliver them to your door in the post. People have probably heard of Graze boxes, well I was always very jealous of colleagues who munched away at these in the office and I hadn’t seen any like Saviour that offer an allergy free version.

I was excited when my box arrived in the post a few days later and loved the packaging it came in. They identify each type of box with a sticker on the side so mine was clearly gluten free only. Each box comes Continue reading

Beautiful Dubrovnik


I have just arrived back from a wonderful week in Dubrovnik, Croatia and I can’t begin to describe how beautiful this city is and how amazing the food was! My other half and I both love eating out but doing this in a foreign country can sometimes lead to stressful times; I have been living with a gluten allergy for over 4 years with Anthony (my OH) being a wheat eater and GF supporter. I needn’t have worried though, Dubrovnik is an excellent place to visit with its main cuisine being naturally gluten free anyway. To make the trip even more perfect, on arrival to our accommodation Hotel Ariston I discovered (unbeknown to me) that they had a wide range of gluten free foods available and gluten free symbols on their lunch and dinner menu in Restaurant Zoe. I decided this should have its own blog post so please click here if you would like to read more!

Gluten free bread and pasta dishes available at Hotel Ariston

Gluten free bread and pasta dishes available at Hotel Ariston

If you are worried about eating gluten free in Dubrovnik, don’t be! When I researched about gluten free eating in Croatia before I went I found this article giving advice to coeliac tourists visiting Croatia which says Continue reading

Gluten Free Hotel in Dubrovnik

Gluten Free Rosemary Prawns at Hotel Ariston

Gluten Free Rosemary Prawns at Hotel Ariston

I have just returned from a wonderful week in Dubrovnik, please see my previous blog post ‘Beautiful Dubrovnik’ to find out about the amazing GF food I found there. But the restaurants weren’t the only place I found GF; our accommodation Hotel Ariston turned out to be an excellent place to stay with a variety of GF foods available (pasta, bread, cereals etc) and allergy symbols on the menus in their restaurant.

Hotel Ariston is one of 4  hotels in the Importanne Resort located in the picturesque Babin Kuk area of Dubrovnik. As we arrived at lunchtime we went straight to the Restaurant Zoe and as I scoured the menu I spotted the golden ‘Gluten Free’ symbols all over the menu and I almost jumped for joy! It made it so easy when choosing dishes to know exactly what was gluten free.

Gluten Free symbols on the menu at Restaurant Zoe

Gluten Free symbols on the menu at Restaurant Zoe

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Gluten Free Roads

Like everyone, I do a fair bit of travelling over the warmer months which can bring on the usual worry of where I’m going to find gluten free in a place I don’t know! I came across Gluten Free Roads when I was researching places for my last trip to Belgium and since then I’ve been trying  it out for my other trips.

Gluten Free Roads has designed a comprehensive, interactive map to help you find gluten free food and different products wherever you are travelling in the UK or abroad. By adding your postcode or the destination you are visiting, it shows you exactly where to find places on the map using different icons for restaurants, places to stay or shops that are offering gluten free food.

Interactive Map on Gluten Free Roads

Interactive Map on Gluten Free Roads

Gluten Free Roads is from Dr Schar who have lots of brands that I use and love every day like DS Gluten Free , TruFree and Glutafin and Continue reading

Gluten free in Brugge, Belgium

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge, Belgium

Brugge has everything, beautiful architecture, winding rivers, bustling markets and plenty of traditional pubs, but what is doesn’t have is gluten free! I found Brugge to be the most difficult place I have visited in terms of food since being diagnosed with a gluten allergy 4 years ago. Brugge is a very small city compared to Brussels, which has a wider variety of allergy free food. However, I still managed to eat during the two days I was there so here are my tips for anyone planning on a gluten free trip to Brugge:

Bring your own bread rolls to dinner/ lunch
I asked in every restaurant if they had any on offer and none did, in fact a lot of places hadn’t heard of, or understood what I was asking for even with the phrases I had learnt (more about that later). Continue reading