Gluugle Launch


Gluugle has to be one of the best gluten free inventions yet.  A very clever app designed by Caz from the Gluten Free Foodie that shows you a list of all the gluten free restaurants / cafes located around you with the click of a button, where ever you are in the UK. All the reviews are done by allergy sufferers themselves who have visited and had a positive experience, so you won’t be caught out travelling all the way to somewhere to be told ‘oh we don’t do gluten free bread anymore’. Sign up for free and you can be a part of the app by adding

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Celia Lager’s Gluten Free Pop Up Restaurant

When I heard there was a pop up restaurant opening that served only gluten free food I was incredibly excited as this would be a first for me.  So I couldn’t wait to head down to Brixton last night to see it for myself and it did not disappoint. Celia Lager are the brains (and chef!) behind this excellent pop up at WAG Free bakery, nestled inside the buzzing Brixton Market.

Celia Lager Pop-up Restaurant @ WAG Free Brixton

Celia Lager Pop-up Restaurant @ WAG Free Brixton

They have Martin, the gluten free chef, cooking up some delights in the kitchen and Nick making sure you have plenty of Celia Lager to wash it down with! They have launched this Continue reading

My gluten free Glastonbury experience!

Gluten free options available at Pasta and Meatball stand at Glastonbury 2013

Gluten free options available at Pasta and Meatball stand at Glastonbury 2013

Glastonbury 2013 was amazing! The weather was perfect, some great acts were playing,  the sun was shining and the best bit of all … gluten free for me! Although there was enough for me to eat I am not rushing to give it 10/10 just yet but I was definitely impressed that there were gluten free options being advertised at several stalls throughout the festival.

At every food area I would explore and see what there was and I found the following with a gluten free option/s:

Gluten Free Glastonbury… continued!

1 day to go!

I am getting very excited now Glastonbury is just around the corner! The latest on the weather is that it will be mostly cloudy but warm over the Glastonbury weekend – lets hope the rain stays away.


The plan is to drive down after work tomorrow & we are staying in a caravan so this means plenty of room for all my gluten free snacks! I know there will be lots of food I can eat once I get there but it is still absolutely essential anyone who is gluten free or coeliac takes their own food along too. This is what I have packed… Continue reading

Gluten Free Glastonbury

8 days to go!

This will be my first time at Glastonbury and I can’t wait! The line-up looks amazing, and even though it’s predicted to both rain and shine, Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glastonbury without mud.


Aside from all the fun times, festivals can be a headache if you are gluten free or a coeliac sufferer because wheat finds its way into all the usual festival staples: burgers, sausages, chips and of course the beer! So alongside my wellies, poncho and sun cream (optimistic!) I have a long list of gluten free essentials that I will be packing. Bread rolls, breakfast biscuits, dried fruit and nuts will be getting me through those hunger pangs and providing a life line should I be caught short.

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The Allergy Show 2013

The greatest thing about the Allergy Show is meeting so many like-minded people in one place. Life with a food allergy can sometimes be tough when no one else around you is in the same boat and understands how frustrating it can be when it comes to food! So I was amazed to see the majority of stalls tailored to gluten-free allergies (about 60-70% of the show) which is really positive news for all those living with Coeliac Disease or a gluten allergy. Each stall was showcasing their products with copious samples and products for sale. (I ate A LOT of samples!)

There were plenty of familiar faces; Genius, DS, Sainsbury’s Free From and Amy’s and some newer brands on show such as BFree, Celia Lager, Secret Sausages and Heinz GF range to name but a few. Here were some of my favourites: Continue reading