Cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies


Ever since I found the amazing gluten free cupcakes on offer at Sprinkles in New York, I have been searching London for a British equivalent and I think I have found them at Crumbs and Doilies in Soho! This cute little bakery has been open for around a year but I have only just discovered it. My friend sent me an article about the bakery owner and I loved reading the background story about how she started off selling her cakes from a market stall then built the business up from there. I looked on her website and found out they did gluten free cupcakes so I headed down the next time I was in Soho.


They told me that each day they should have two different gluten free flavours to choose from and on my visit they had raspberry ripple and salted caramel. Obviously I had to try both and they were absolutely divine! Especially the salted caramel one which was my favourite, it had a perfect caramel flavoured frosting, topped with a sweet and salty sauce and the softest, melt in the mouth caramel cake underneath. One of the mini ones was not enough so my friend and I went back for a second, they are seriously moreish. Next time I wont be as reserved and go straight for the big version! The raspberry ripple had a more subtle flavour with a delicious topping that really did taste like its old school ice cream namesake.


Plus they come in sweet little presentation boxes making them perfect to give as birthday gifts. I will definitely be back to try the other gluten free flavours!



Just a note for my readers..

All views and words are my own

Always ask each restaurant to check the gluten content of each dish as they may change from the time of this blog being posted!


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