Gluten Free New York


My first few weeks in New York have been amazing but a total whirlwind and I hoped I could blog more often to share all the great gluten free finds I have made. You can keep up to date on my daily food diary via twitter though just follow me on @glutenfree4tea . The first thing that’s great about eating out gluten free in New York is the amount of places that offer it, I have found or stumbled across so many restaurants, cafés and shops all over the city that offer gluten free menus or gluten free dishes. It’s also so convenient here, I ended up getting alot dinners to takeaway which is perfect if you are working in the city or need something quick for lunch or dinner. Here are my list of finds so far;

Pips Place
Murray Hill and Upper East Side

Il start with one of the best, a 100% gluten free bakery! I was very lucky that one of their cafés is right by where I am currently staying so I have already been a few times. They have the most delicious fresh baked cakes, cookies, brownies  and cupcakes. Plus they do a special grilled cheese sandwich on their home baked bread. Definitely worth a visit or two.


Juice Generation

Various Locations

This place will be your best friend if you want healthy food to go in NYC. They do lots of great juices and smoothies but also have some tasty raw meals to go like sushi and salads which are also vegan and organic. Their gluten and dairy free acai bowls are my go to breakfast on a weekend and not to be missed!



West Village

Also up there with the best was Rissotoria. They bring gluten free breadsticks on arrival and have a huge selection of GF risottos plus pizzas, sandwiches, paninis, salads and cakes for dessert. They also have GF beers and a selection of GF snacks to go.



Various Locations

A great place to grab a healthy lunch or dinner and they have clear labelling and procedures for gluten allergies just make sure you tell your sever as they are required to change gloves, wash hands and get new equpitment out to make your order. A huge selection of salads which you can mix and match the toppings, all the dressings are GF and they also have a few snacks and desserts.


Murray Hill and East Village 

This one is a real indulence but if you are here on holiday I feel you should try it to get a taste of authentic American Mac’n’Cheese which comes with a gluten free breadcrumb topping. I tried the plain one but they also have more interesting combinations too so il have to go back and try more.


Midtown / Times Square

Massive bonus points that they asked if anyone was gluten free on arrival, so I was sure they would have excellent GF knowledge. There is a dedicated gluten free menu including unusual items such as gnocchi and chickpea based pizza crusts plus healthy choices like grilled fish and chicken. More bonus points for the delicious, fresh GF focaccia bread they serve you with your meal.  Visit here before a show as it’s close to the Times Square theaters.


Murray’s cheese
West Village

A good place to try if you want something to grab and go, they have a store on Bleecker Street. Their hot grilled sandwich bar can make any sandwich with gluten free bread for a supplement, I saw they cooked mine on top of tin foil but always worth double checking about cross contamination as theres a lot of normal wheat bread around. I had an amazing BBLT sandwich ( burrata, bacon, lettuce and tomato).


Various locations
The home of the famous cupcake ATM! They have one GF option of the red velvet cupcake which you can get from the ATM or inside the shop and they also had a dairy free option.


Brooklyn Smorgasburg

A weekend favorite with hipster foodies, this food market is on most weekends check the website for more info. I tried the vegan, organic, gluten free ‘phatty beet slider’ from chickpea and olive. It was absolutely amazing and probably one of the tastiest things I tried from a food market!! Look at how gooey that looks, no meat in sight!


Blooms Deli
Murray Hill

A typical New York style diner style cafe which is no frills (think chipped plates and sachets of ketchup on the table!) however to my surprise they have a huge gluten free menu with pancakes, full breakfasts, eggs any way, sandwiches, grills and desserts.


Friedmans lunch 
Chelsea Market

If you are visiting the Chelsea high-line and pop by Chelsea Market this is not to be missed for a lunch break whilst exploring . A nice informal cafe / restaurant that serves gluten free sandwiches, burgers, light snacks and salads and even a few different gluten free beers and ciders. I tried the bacon and cheese burger with rosemary fries and washed it down with a gluten free Estrella Beer!


Hale and Hearty

Various Locations

All over the city they sell a big selection of soup which are mostly GF and they also do readymade or pick and mix salads. Perfect for a quick lunch or dinner that’s also healthy.


Lilli and loo
Upper East Side

 They have a very large dedicated menu of gluten free Asian dishes like pad Thai, noodles, soups, stir fry, sushi rolls and curries. I have already been a couple of times and tried the pad Thai and the noodle soup, both were good.


Brookfield Place
Battery Park 

If you are visiting lower Manhattan and the world trade memorial then this place is definitely worth a visit. I stumbled on it by accident when exploring Battery Park and this food court has so many great GF options and pretty views out over the water and down to the Statue of Liberty. Here you will find nearly all restaurants offering GF options including pizza (see below) , sandwiches, salads, cupcakes and BBQ. See link for a full list.

Skinny pizza
Battery Park 

In the pretty Brookfield Place (see above) of Battery Park I tried one of their ‘skinny’ pizzas, they offer a GF base and all toppings are also GF. They don’t do individual gluten free pizzas so the huge one I got was far too big for one person. I took more than half away and ate the next day, it was still good heated up. I liked the little gluten free labelled pizza cutter they put in the box and they had excellent awareness here.



As far as supermarkets go in the city, there arent as many as in the UK and its not like London where there’s a tesco on every corner, here you need to be a little more in the know to find a proper supermarket. It is worth noting that all the high street pharmacies (and there are ALOT of these!) have plenty of clearly labelled GF snacks like cereals, cereal bars, crisps , nuts, salads, naturally GF products like fresh fruit and yoghurts so they are a good place to head if you are hungry and on the go. If you have time try finding these supermarkets:

Various Locations 

The same set up as the London branches with tones of organic and GF fare, all clearly labelled and a really great range of products. It has everything you could ever need if you wanted to cook anything while you are here, just be aware that it is very high quality but with that it means it’s very expensive!

Various Locations

More affordable than whole foods this place is also worth trying, it has very clear labeling right across all shelves and aisles with a sticker to say what items are GF even on the pasta sauces and packets of dry groceries. Again they have an enormous GF section of both dry grocery products like bread and pasta and frozen ready meals, snacks and desserts.

Amish Market

Various Locations
Please note: these views are all my own, please always double check with the restaurant before ordering any food listed above.


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