Review of The Gilbert Scott


The Gilbert Scott  is the stunning restaurant inside of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel  and I recently got taken here for lunch by my very kind relatives who were visiting London.I can see why they chose here, its beautiful inside the hotel and being led to the restaurant felt abit like walking through Hogwarts, the dining area is equally as grand.

The meal started off well, after explaining about my gluten allergy they promptly brought me my own portion of gluten free bread and butter, which I always think is a nice touch so you don’t feel left out when the rest of the table can dig into the bread!


The menu had plenty of dishes which were free from gluten and the waiter went through everything with me answering any questions I had. I cant remember the full list of the options but most of the starters were fine; smoked salmon, smoked trout, salads and crab amongst other dishes but I went for the ‘Omelette Arnold Bennett’ with smoked haddock and Gruyere cheese. It was very unusual but extremely tasty with a similar texture to a souffle with melting Gruyere cheese oozing through the middle, delicious.




In terms of the main it was tough to decide as there was so much to chose from; the daily roast (without Yorkshire puddings), rib of beef, duck breast, lamb shank or whole roasted fish but I went for the ‘Pan Fried Silver Mullet’, with fennel, saffron and mussel sauce. Between us we shared the spring greens, skinny fries and a salad which were all GF and together with the main course were fantastic just like the starter.



Again there were plenty of options for dessert, most were GF but I knew I wanted to try their signature dessert of ‘Mrs Beeton’s Snow Egg’ a soft poached meringue with marmalade centre on a custard sauce. It was nice but I actually loved the deconstructed lemon meringue pie with dollops of lemon curd and toffee popcorn on top.




Beautiful food in a beautiful setting and the service was excellent too plus a big selection of gluten free options for me. A great place to take someone for a treat or special occasion or maybe if you are heading to Paris on the Eurostar and want a bit of luxury before  you head to St Pancras Station.

Gluten free knowledge: GGGG

Amount of gluten free options: GGGG

Food: GGGG

Value: GGG

Service: GGGGG


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