Delicious Alchemy



I got sent some lovely samples recently from Delicious Alchemy. It was something abit different: brown bread and cookie bake at home mixes and some breakfast porridge oats. They are all gluten and dairy free too 🙂 I have only tried gluten free packet mixes a couple of times and none of them have turned out that well so I was looking forward to another attempt. The bread mix was really simple to make and I only needed water and oil to add with the bag of dry ingredients. The only thing I didn’t have was a bread mixer or food processor to mix it with but I managed to make it pretty good with just a wooden spoon and some strength! (the dough gets very sticky). After a quick rest in a warm place it goes into the oven and 80 minutes later it’s done. It looked impressive and when it finally cooled enough to taste, it was delicious and was just as nice fresh as it was the next day toasted for breakfast.


The oaty cookie mix was even easier, mix together the packet with water and butter and then bake. They tasted good too, crunchy on the outside and not too sweet. If I have any left by tomorrow I will take the rest to work!

Now for the oats.. I think I might have found the best gluten free porridge oats here! I loved them and they lasted me ages, having them for breakfast for quite a few weeks with cinnamon and blueberries on top. It makes lovely, creamy and totally dairy free porridge with almond milk but you can also use normal milk or water (the oats are already dairy free). I also liked the packaging and understand they have recently redesigned it so they have done a great job! Looking forward to trying their other products now.




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