Burger and Lobster



Burger and Lobster has been on my London ‘bucket list’ for a while now. Part of the expanding list of London’s new concept restaurants, this does exactly what it says on the tin; burgers and lobsters. Initially I thought there is no way there would be gluten free given that one half of the menu is a burger however I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the lobster, fries and others sides/sauces are in fact gluten free! Also the burger can be made GF (or Californian style as they say here) by removing the bun and replacing with lettuce. Being a big seafood fan I went for the lobster which came with skinny fries, salad (minus the croutons) and a garlic butter to smother over the lobster. Our waitress had excellent GF knowledge and allergy awareness however I just wish the food would have lived up to the great service! I wanted to love it, when it arrived on a large silver platter it looked quite spectacular.




Perhaps I was unlucky with my lobster, whilst it was tasty it had very little meat on it and was quite dry. Glancing over to the other tables where they tucked into big juicy lobsters, I concluded that I had in fact been unlucky in the draw. After the let down of the mains I decided to try the dessert, a deconstructed cheesecake ( which was gluten free minus the biscuit topping). This did go far in making up for the lobster as it was delicious; a fluffy vanilla cream with salted caramel sauce and blueberries, divine!


The menu is a set price at £20 whether you get burger or lobster but along with a glass of wine each, dessert and service the final bill was just over £70, quite hefty considering I left being still a little hungry! Still worth a try though especially considering that they are so good for a gluten free diet plus the atmosphere is good and the service excellent.

Gluten free knowledge: GGGGG

Amount of gluten free options: GGGG

Food: GGG

Value: GG

Service: GGGGG

2 thoughts on “Burger and Lobster

  1. I quite liked my lobster when I went, but it did look slightly different from your photo. Thinking back it must have been on the dry side as well though as I needed two pots of sauce! That dessert looks yum – wish I’d ordered one! Definitely agree that it’s not always good value (especially for those who order the burger!)

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