Saviour Healthy Snack Boxes


I am always very excited to hear about new gluten free products especially those that are designed to make life easier for living gluten free. My friend Justine at Flux Fluid Motion UK recently put me in touch with Saviour Snacks as she loved their inventive product. As a fitness guru, Justine is always on the look out for healthy and nutritional foods that work together with an active lifestyle so I knew she was onto a good thing. They make healthy and balanced snack boxes that are tailored to your dietary or lifestyle needs and then they deliver them to your door in the post. People have probably heard of Graze boxes, well I was always very jealous of colleagues who munched away at these in the office and I hadn’t seen any like Saviour that offer an allergy free version.

I was excited when my box arrived in the post a few days later and loved the packaging it came in. They identify each type of box with a sticker on the side so mine was clearly gluten free only. Each box comes with 10 carefully selected products and a handy ‘menu’ to let you know the nutritional values and whether it is low fat, high protein, dairy free etc.





Here is what was inside my box:

  • Raw Chocolate Brownie (Pulsin’)
  • Cherry and Berry Nibbles (Bear)
  • Omega Mix (Munchy Seeds)
  • Salt and Vinegar Corn Cakes (Kallo)
  • Apple and Pear bar (Braw)
  • Raw Milk Chocolate and Xylitol (Raw Chocolate Co.)
  • Spirulina & Ginseng Bar (Bounce)
  • Nut Mix (Acti Snack)
  • Niagra Apple Bar (Taste of Nature)
  • Golden Berries (Clearly Scrumptious)

What I liked the most was the unusual selection of products, the majority of which I hadn’t seen or tasted before. Especially the raw products such as the raw chocolate bar, raw brownie and the apple bar. They were perfect for mid morning snacking at work and useful during a weekend away recently in Berlin (blog to come soon about that!) so I packed the rest of the box to take with me. The dried nuts and fruit packets were good for eating whilst walking around and gave me well needed energy for all the sightseeing. The only way I can usually find healthy gluten free snacks,especially unusual ones like these, are in health food shops or larger supermarkets none of which are that convenient to get to when you are busy working.






When I found out the price of £14.95 per box (which includes delivery) I initially thought it was a little expensive. However when I actually considered how pricey gluten free products are to buy individually (the products range from about 80p to £1.80 to buy in shops) it is much better value that I thought and you are paying for the convenience. You can buy them as a one-off or a gift for someone or set up an account to get them every week, 2 weeks or monthly. I thought back to my gluten free struggles at university and it would have been amazing if my parents sent me one of these to keep me going!

Saviour snacks kindly gave me a promotional code so my gluten free followers can try their first box for themselves for only £4.95 . Just put the following code in at checkout and I don’t think you will be disappointed after trying them;


It would be lovely to hear back from anyone that tries it and see what you think, happy snacking!

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