Whyte and Brown, Soho


London loves a concept restaurant and loads have popped up recently serving just one item such as burgers, steak or hotdogs and they all stick to the theme and offer minimal variations on their menu. This can sometimes be a total no go for a gluten free diet. So when I heard that my friend’s birthday meal would be at a new ‘chicken and beer’ concept restaurant I feared I wouldn’t have much to choose from. How wrong I was!

Last weekend my friend had booked a table at Whyte and Brown. It’s a new restaurant in Soho just off Carnaby Street in the beautiful Kingly Court (pictured above). Their website says that Whyte & Brown “focus on just a few hero ingredients – chicken, eggs and craft beer. It’s a simple concept, but we believe simple can also be sophisticated”.


As we had to pre order all our food I contacted the restaurant beforehand to discuss the gluten free options they had from their menu. They were more than happy to go through all the choices and adaptions they can make and I have listed them below;


Saigon Salad

W&B BBQ Wings

Winter Vegetable Soup


Two Ways Chicken Souvlaki (Without the pita bread)

Grilled Chicken Escalope

W&B Brick Chicken. (Without the gravy)

Hanoi Chicken Noodle Soup

Twisted Caesar Salad (Without the croutons)



Green Beans

Roasted Root Vegetable

Green Salad

W&B Slaw Salad


Char-Grilled Pineapple

Cheese Board

A wide selection of ice creams and sorbet

As you can see there are lots of great looking dishes to choose from! Not one to miss out I went and ordered 3 courses to make sure I could try as much as I can. For starters I went for ‘W&B BBQ Wings’ which were delicious, sticky and spicy chicken wings served with the most amazing blue cheese coleslaw.


For mains I chose the ‘Two Ways Chicken Souvlaki’ , char-grilled kebab and slow roasted thigh served with Greek salad and tzatiki. It was usually served with pita bread but instead I chose the mash as a side. The souvlaki was excellent but made even better by the mash which was heavenly! (I ate most of it before I could get a photo!)


Even though I was full after the first two generous courses, I still had my dessert. I went for the char-grilled pineapple marinated with chilli, basil and mint served with coconut ice cream. I couldn’t taste any of the marinade and the pineapple was hard (perhaps it wasn’t ripe) but the coconut ice cream was delicious.


On arrival to the restaurant the staff were at hand to answer any questions I had about the food and I found them to be knowledgeable yet discreet when it came to dealing with my meal. One slight let down was the lack of gluten free beer but an extensive cocktail and wine list made up for it. I felt totally confident and had a chat with the manager after my meal to let her know how happy I was with the food. She told me they were in the process of adding more GF dishes and even introducing gluten free bread- so watch this space. I also found that it was reasonably priced, 3 courses with wine came to around £40 per head. Ill definitely be back!

Rating 4/5

Gluten free knowledge: GGGG

Amount of gluten free options: GGGG

Food: GGGG

Value: GGGG

Service: GGGG

Note: all views are my own opinion. Always double check the options available with the restaurant before ordering.


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