GBK’s Improved Gluten Free Burgers


In my recent post about GBK’s new gluten free menu I talked about how I liked the burgers but wasn’t that happy about the bun, it was dry and crumbly and did let the burger down. Not long after my post I was contacted by GBK with some great news, they have improved their gluten free buns. They asked if I would like to go back and try them and kindly sent me some vouchers.

I decided to go try out one of these improved burgers on my lunch break as GBK offer a handy takeaway service. I went for the classic cheese burger which was cooked medium with an American style cheese topping. By the time I got back to my desk I couldn’t wait to try it! The first thing that struck me was how huge the burger was and in comparison to the drier, smaller bun I was presented at my last visit to GBK so this was a vast improvement already. The new burgers looked amazing before I even tasted it as you can see and I had a fair few jealous glances from colleagues!



It tasted just as good as it looked- the perfect burger. The quality of the gluten free bun was excellent, it was soft and held itself together with no crumbling at all this time. The beef patty was juicy and melt in the mouth and as a whole package was one of the best burgers I have ever tasted. 10/10!

Now onto the matter of the chips. In my last post I talked about my disappointment that GBK do not offer gluten free chips to go with the burger. I got in touch with GBK to find out more and the response was very interesting, the chips themselves are totally gluten free. However, they are deep-fried in the same fryer as breaded items therefore this causes significant contamination. There is good news though, some of GBK’s restaurants have separate fryers for the chips which means they are safe, just make sure you ask your server or get the manager to check. For now this isn’t the case at every restaurant so it’s very important to check before you order but fingers crossed it will soon be the case in every restaurant




6 thoughts on “GBK’s Improved Gluten Free Burgers

  1. Hi Jane, I came across your blog by chance when looking for gluten-free living in London. I’m a Brazilian but I lived in London for 14 years before returning to Brazil in 2012. I was diagnosed as coeliac one year ago. While in London I had a few symptoms but didn’t know how serious it was. I’ll keep an eye on your blog for future trips to London. Was really happy to see your comments about Frederik’s in Islington as this is where we celebrated our marriage in 2008….when in London I didn’t pay much attention to GF food but I was glad to see all the M&S range. This gives me some hope that I will be able to enjoy travelling again. All the best and keep posting!! Silvia

  2. Please note that GBK are NOT suitable for people with coeliac. I have just received this email regarding their supposedly Gluten free chips: “A few of our restaurants have the space for an additional fryer to cook them separately but unfortunately we cannot advertise as such as these might be used for other items on the day.” If you look at their website faq it states that: “We do not operate a dedicated gluten free kitchen environment” and I have requested they change this to “We do not operate a dedicated gluten free kitchen environment and we can therefore not cater for people with coeliac disease” and remove the line saying “Please ensure that you make the staff aware when you order so that they can advise you further.” since my personal experience their staff have not been trained appropriately.

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