Nature’s Path Organic Cereals


I’m sorry I’ve been quiet over the festive season and not keeping up with my usual postings! I hope everyone had a lovely gluten free Christmas. I’m sure everyone has been the same, rushing around getting presents sorted and travelling across the UK to visit family and friends so blogging has taken a back seat for a couple of weeks. I already have lots of ideas for future blog posts in the new year so watch this space!

Just before the Christmas break I was contacted by the lovely people at Natures Path asking if I would like to try out their range of organic cereals and granola. I am an avid cereal fan and as my flatmate would tell you, I’m pretty obsessed with the stuff and have it every morning and of course it comes out again for snack times or after nights out as a midnight snack! However, as my fellow gluten frees and coeliacs will know, cereals are a minefield. I have struggled for years to find normal brands in the supermarket which are suitable for a gluten free diet with no avail. I used to try Rice Krispies and corn flakes thinking they were safe until I read that they did in fact contain barley which I seemingly cannot tolerate and had persistent stomach aches as a result. So the only option for me is to eat specialised gluten free labelled cereal but I have been less than happy so far with the tiny range of these products on the shelves. I have been even less impressed with the taste of these cereals as they can often be dry, bland and of a cardboard texture!


imageSo back to Natures Path. When the box arrived I was immediately impressed to see 5 varieties of cereal and granola to choose from! I tried one a day for breakfast and started with the O’s first. These turned out to be my favourite out of the range. They were nice and crispy and didn’t go soggy, they reminded me of Cheerios which I used to eat as a child. Perhaps they are more aimed for children as the packaging would suggest these are targeted at the younger audience! I do have a sweet tooth and thought they were a little plain so I added a splash of maple syrup which went perfectly but they were equally as nice without. I will definitely be buying these again once the box runs out.



Next I tried the maple sunrise. This was much sweeter so it didn’t need any extra sugar and it was more to my taste. It is an odd mix of cereal flakes – some rice puffs and others crispy flakes but together they did work quite well. The softer flakes did go mushy quicker though as a result. The packaging was much more appealing to my age range too and it’s worth noting that while the boxes look small you do get a lot of cereal for your money and you don’t need huge portions as it’s filling.


imageThe next one I  tried was the Mesa Sunrise. I really wanted to like this one because my favourite cereal at the moment is a gluten free version of bran flake type cereal and Mesa Sunrise looked like something similar. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this one as it really didn’t taste of much and went soggy so quick that I couldn’t eat the rest once it turned to mush. Again the packaging and volume of cereal was good but that’s the only thing I liked about this one and I won’t be buying again.


I was also sent some granola which looked lovely in the packaging but I’m afraid I cannot tolerate oats very well, even gluten free ones so I can’t taste test these. Here is a photo though- I thought that the packaging design for the granola was a lot more appealing that the cereal so perhaps they could apply the same design across the brand


Please note I was sent these samples direct from the brand. The above is all my own opinion only.


4 thoughts on “Nature’s Path Organic Cereals

  1. I love the Maple Sunrise one! I can eat boxes of it at a time…

    I’ve noticed also that it doesn’t seem to be very sweet, so sometimes I use soy milk that’s been sweetened with it. Delicious!

    • I agree…love Mesa Sunrise, and the O’s are a big hit with all of us in the family.
      didn’t know they did granola…yum!

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