Gluten Free Brunch in London


I often get asked to recommend good places to go for gluten free brunch, afternoon tea or just a nice dinner out. I have decided to try do more posts that are dedicated to a specific meal or event to make it easy for all my coeliac and gluten free friends to find great places to go in London.

I was catching up with a friend recently and we wanted to go for a girly brunch with cups of tea, nice food and a good gossip! Brunch can be a tricky one for GF as the main items usually come with a toast or bread component and pastries and pancakes are off-limits (unless GF of course!) So off I went to research via my usual sources of Twitter and Google. I had some great responses and suggestions so was confident I would be able to find something good. Riding House Cafe stood out for its delicious looking menu and after calling them to discuss options, I was more than happy they could cater for me and even had gluten free bread available. I have listed all the other places I found at the end of this post but for now I’ll tell you about the tasty treats on offer here.

I have been to Riding House Cafe once before when my sister took me for a birthday dinner and I was impressed then at how beautiful the restaurant is inside and how good the food was . On arrival we sat on the long bar which is an excellent place to sit as you can watch your smoothies being made behind the bar or people watch from the high bar stools.




The staff were able to go through the menu with me and there was lots to choose from including gluten free bread with all the breakfast items. Choices included;

Chorizo Hash Brown with poached eggs

Omelette Arnold Bennett

Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs on GF bread

Bacon sandwich with GF bread


Eggs benedict with GF bread

Eggs royal with GF bread

Eggs Florentine with GF bread

Fruit plate

Grilled grapefruit

I decided to go for a classic and old favourite of eggs Benedict and it was delicious. Two lovely soft poached eggs with creamy sauce over grilled bacon and GF bread. We also shared the breakfast smoothie which came in an old-fashioned milk bottle with straws and copious amounts of tea. This really is a fantastic option if you fancy a traditional brunch in a cool setting and for around £15 for brunch with a smoothie and pot of tea- it’s pretty reasonable.




I had a good look around and found the following options which can cater for gluten free or are gluten free friendly. However if you know of anywhere else in London please let me know and ill add to the list;

The Modern Pantry, Clerkenwell

They have gluten free bread and plenty of other options

Caravan Kings Cross

Don’t do GF bread but have lots of other options including some unusual ingredients which are naturally GF, or they said they are happy to use your own GF bread brought in

Grain Store Kings Cross

When I called they said they can provide GF bread but you have to call to double check. Like caravan they also have an usual menu beyond eggs and bacon


They do traditional English breakfasts and have GF bread

The Wolseley

Go here for a very luxury brunch! They cater for GF and lots of other allergies and promise to make it an experience, aslong as you don’t mind paying for it!

My Old Dutch- pancakes

They have a full GF menu of breakfast pancakes

Happy brunching!

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