Coeliac friendly Mexican at Tortilla


I am always on the lookout for anywhere that offers gluten free snacks and meals on the go which are a lifesaver for anyone who is gluten free or coeliac. I recently did an investigation (see here) into the all the different pre-packaged sandwiches that are now available from supermarkets and cafes which shows that the market for GF on the go is expanding. Whilst there are also plenty of restaurants with gluten free menus it seems the hot ‘fast food’ market has been slower off the block. None of the big fast food chains like Subway, MacDonald’s or Burger King have introduced any specific allergy menus making it hard to find a hot GF meal when out and about.
That is slowly changing though as I have recently discovered Tortilla and its delicious, fresh, coeliac friendly Mexican food which can be taken away or eaten in. Tortilla has fast become my fail-safe for a quick bite to eat whilst shopping or an easy dinner after work, not only because the food is extremely tasty and cheap but also because it’s safe to eat!


They have a note about food allergies and dietary requirements on the back of the menu which gives advice to coeliac customers. Anything off the menu minus the wheat tortillas is safe- so you can choose from many different fillings for the corn tacos (small soft wraps like fajitas) or the naked burrito (a big bowl of rice, veg and toppings).



If you order anything please make sure you inform them you are coeliac or sensitive to gluten as they are required to make amendments to the preparation. With the corn tacos the staff should heat the wraps up on the hot press using two pieces of tin foil to ‘protect’ them from cross contamination from the wheat wraps which are also heated up here. The naked burrito needs no amendments as it is simply a bowl of rice filled with any toppings you want. Just like anywhere else that also prepares wheat products there are cross contamination risks so I often ask for the manger to supervise my meal to make sure the staff are following procedures. I have never had any problems though and have only ever come across friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff so keep up the good work Tortilla!

Good news for my UK wide gluten free friends too- I thought that it was only a London brand but upon checking their website they have branches all over the UK– hurrah!


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