GBK’s New Gluten Free Menu


I heard on the Twitter grape-vine that Gourmet Burger Kitchen had introduced a gluten free burger bun and never one to miss out, I went to try it out. I was back home in Yorkshire recently visiting my parents and decided to make a day trip to the beautiful York city centre which has a branch of GBK. On arrival I asked the staff if they had GF buns on offer and she said not only did they have the buns but a whole gluten free menu! This was a great surprise as it also contained many more items that were gluten free. The staff were excellent with their GF knowledge and were able to answer all my questions on arrival. One of the first questions I asked was why chips were missing off the gluten free menu and unfortunately this is due to the cooking methods. As with many restaurants that serve fried goods such as chips, they fry them alongside wheat based products like onion rings. So sorry but please ignore any photos below that include the chips (Anthony ordered these) as they are off-limits!


There are loads of different burgers to choose from including the classic cheese, bacon or chicken burgers and many more adventurous options such as persian lamb or buffalo. I was impressed with the large menu of starters, burgers and sides but this made it hard to choose as everything looked good. I decided to try something classic, so I went for the cheese and bacon beef burger, cooked medium. Luckily there are plenty of other sides to choose from instead of the chips and I went for the chargrilled corn and 3 different sauces; garlic mayo, blue cheese and bacon aioli.






I thought that all the food was presented well and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. The burger itself was very tasty, a nice combination of melted cheese, smoked bacon and gherkins with a juicy beef patty in the middle. Whilst it was meant to be cooked medium, id say it ended up being more medium to well done as it wasnt pink in the middle but this didn’t take away from the flavour. The only thing that let the flavour down slightly was the fact the gluten free bun was dry meaning that it started to crumble away as I was eating it and I ended up using a knife and fork to pick it up.



I sent a tweet to GBK to give them this feedback and also suggested they should look at toasting the bun as this can usually make it less crumbly. They said they would look into this for me but I understand this would probably be a logistical problem as they also have to toast wheat buns in the kitchen. Overall though I am extremely impressed with the large GF menu on offer and glad to see more high street chains such as GBK are introducing gluten free menus, a big thank you! I cant wait to go back and try more.


Gluten free knowledge: GGGGG

Amount of gluten free options: GGGGG

Food: GGG

Value: GGG

Service: GGGG

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