Sweet Mandarin Sauces

I know these Sweet Mandarin sauces have been around a while now but I have only recently discovered them so here is my review! I sadly must have missed this company when they were showing at the allergy show in June as that is where I discovered a lot of my new GF staples. I was in the free from aisle at my local Sainsbury’s recently and noticed the newest addition of a jar of their Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce so decided to give it a try. All their sauces are free from gluten, dairy, msg and are vegan accredited so it’s great news for all allergy sufferers and dietary requirements. They currently have three flavours in the range – barbecue, sweet chilli and sweet & sour.


Sauces have been somewhat of a sticking point with me ever since removing gluten from my diet due to an allergy over 4 years ago, wheat flour likes to find its way into even the most unsuspecting sauces. I found this to be most apparent when looking for Asian sauces as they so often contain soya sauce which is a total no go as it is made using wheat flour. So it’s of particular happiness to me to have finally come across a range of sauces that are all free from gluten and can be used in Asian cooking. This is by far one of my favourite cuisines ever since travelling around south east Asia a few years ago.

I have so far only sampled the sweet chilli one as currently it is the only one stocked in my local Sainsbury’s. They are marketed as dipping sauces so I first tried them just like that- with some crispy prawn crackers. It is delicious and my friends agreed – enough sweetness to contrast the savoury crackers but also a good combination of tangy and spice.

Even though they are being sold as dipping sauces they can easily be used in actual cooking itself. I tried it two ways – in a tofu and vegetable stir fry and secondly as an accompaniment to salmon and rice. If you want to stir fry it simply add in around 2 tablespoons per person after your tofu, veg or chicken etc has all cooked and heat the sauce through for a minute until hot. With the salmon I simply roasted it in the oven and poured over the sauce for the last minute of cooking time – easy!

They are currently stocked in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Selfridge’s and Ocado and they have more information on finding them on their website http://www.sweetmandarin.net/site/


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