Fredrick’s, Islington


Anthony took me out for a lovely dinner last week to Fredrick’s in Angel, Islington. He wanted to try out his new Taste Card he got a trial of a few weeks ago so he looked on their website for somewhere nice around Upper Street that had a good taste card offer. Fredrick’s was advertising buy one get one free on all courses which seemed excellent value considering this place is one of the top destinations in Angel and main courses range in price up to £28. It is a really nice venue for a date or special dinner, with a lovely conservatory area at the back and some interesting trees growing in the middle of the restaurant!



There were plenty of gluten free options for me on the menu as the focus is on ‘Modern European’ dishes such as fresh fish and grilled meat dishes which are naturally GF anyway. On arrival to Fredrick’s the waitress was able to go through all the options with me and I was spoilt for choice with some adaptions / amendments to some of the dishes.  We skipped starters because I really fancied the desserts (more of that later!) I went for the welsh rack of lamb, chimichurri sauce, apricot & pistachio quinoa and Anthony went for the côte de boeuf, mash and béarnaise sauce which was also free from gluten so I got to sample both. I had an extra side of house chips to go with my lamb which I’m glad I did because the lamb was a relatively small portion in comparison to the Côte de boeuf and well, I do love chips!!





The lamb was cooked perfectly and I thought the side of apricot and pistachio quinoa was unusual but it worked well. I cook with quinoa a lot but I usually use it as a replacement for rice but I think il try adding more flavours and ingredients to it like they did.





The dessert was a perfect end to a lovely evening, Anthony doesn’t really like sweet things but because it was buy one get one free I ordered 2 desserts which were pretty much both eaten by myself! We had poached figs and zabaglione without the biscotti and the lemon posset minus the granola. Lemon posset is one of my all-time favourite desserts and this one was definitely up to scratch! The figs weren’t what I was expecting as they came baked in a sort of custard, almost like a runny crème brulee but they were equally as good as the posset and all free from any gluten!




With the taste card the bill came to just over £55 with a couple of drinks and a tip, a huge saving of £31.50! I really would recommend trying a taste card and I think me and Anthony are going to invest in one when the free trial runs out, the card would have paid for itself on this trip alone! We will definitely be re-visiting Fredrick’s too as the food was excellent and had lots of GF to choose from.  You have to make sure you call ahead to book and mention you have a taste card as I don’t think its valid every day of the week.

Rating 4/5

Gluten free knowledge: GGGG

Amount of gluten free options: GGGG

Food: GGGG

Value: GGGGG (with a taste card)

Service: GGGG

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