Marks and Spencer: New Products


I recently wrote a blog taste testing pre packaged gluten free sandwiches and Marks & Spencer came out on top due to their good quality bread. Not only are their sandwiches great but they have an excellent selection of gluten free groceries which they have recently expanded. I went to my local store to see for myself and I was very impressed by the new additions! They have created some more unusual gluten free products such as the mini coconut macaroons and the sliced rustic loaf, neither of which I see very often in other supermarkets.

  • Sliced White Boule (Rustic loaf)
  • Brown Bloomer Slices
  • Ginger Snap Biscuits
  • Triple Chocolate Cookies
  • Mini Coconut Macaroons
  • Gouda Cheese Crackers
  • Mini Cheese Crackers (in 5 handy individual lunch box bags)





I tried two of the products, the ‘Sliced Brown Bloomer’ and the ‘Cheese Crackers’. Both were very good – the crackers had a nice hint of gouda and they could be eaten on their own or with a cheese board. The bread bloomer came in large slices which is a nice change from the smaller ones you sometimes get in other loaves. The check out attendant didn’t quite understand the delicate nature of gluten free bread and managed to damage two of the slice which broke apart – at £2.99 for 6 slices it seemed a big waste. I managed to cut away the broken part and rescue the slices (slightly smaller than before) and it made a nice , crunchy toasted sandwich. This was the only product that seemed a tad pricey but the rest of the products are in line with the market average for high quality biscuits and bread. Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with!





3 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer: New Products

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