Gluten Free Pizza Delivery

OK, so I’m not one for getting a takeaway because a) they are often expensive and b) they are even more often unhealthy. However, I do love pizza so last Friday night with no food in the fridge and getting back late from work, I decided to try out Pizza Hut’s  gluten free offerings.
I first heard about Pizza Hut’s gluten free menu earlier this year and I have been intrigued to see what it would be like because they are also NGCI accredited. A Pizza Hut hasn’t passed my lips for many years, way before I became allergic to gluten and I only ever remember it being quite stodgy with their thick stuffed crust bases, no hint of anything gluten free apart from the salads. They have come a long way since then and I am very impressed that a ‘fast food’ chain like this has gone the extra mile to ensure they not only offer gluten free, but that they ensure it is cooked safely. If you check their allergy information online you will find that all their normal toppings are gluten free anyway so theres no confusion when choose what to go on top of their special gluten free base. I liked the online ordering system which makes it clear and easy to choose what you want and how much it will cost. I went for half and half (because I’m indecisive!) one half with ‘Pepperoni Feast’ and the other ‘Cajun Chicken Sizzler’.
40 minutes later it arrived at my door and I couldn’t wait to sample it! Unfortunately, on first bite I realised the pizza was luke warm so I did have to re-heat it in the oven for 10 minutes which somewhat takes away from the convenience of having a takeaway. However, once it was heated up it tasted very good and I was pleasantly surprised that the base was thin, crispy and light despite being reheated. They were generous with the toppings and overall I didn’t find it greasy or too stodgy and ended up eating the whole thing! (Oops!) If you want to have a proper take away pizza that tastes just like you remember, then this is it! If you want something abit more gourmet then you can also try Pizza Express , who do delicious gluten free pizzas for takeaway, I wrote a review on that a couple of months ago which you can see here.
Overall, I had a good experience and a great tasting pizza which I would try again. However, at £13 for a  pizza it is a pricey treat but you are paying for the convenience factor, and sometimes that’s priceless when living gluten free and it’s not always convenient to find GF food especially for takeaway! I made sure I gave feedback to Pizza Hut about the luke warm pizza so hopefully it wont happen again.

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