Itsu- Gluten Free Sushi*



As a busy, gluten free London worker, grabbing a quick lunch on the go is never easy! There are many cafes / shops now selling GF sandwiches (which is amazing!) but sometimes it’s nice to have something different and also healthier. I have only recently discovered the gluten free delights on offer at Itsu but I have quickly become a big fan!



Itsu’s main speciality is sushi and soups but they also do salads and hot dishes with a focus on healthy, low fat and nutritious food. They also have excellent allergy knowledge both online and in the shops with a detailed allergen list to help you choose what to have. Whilst many of their sushi dishes are gluten free, they don’t yet offer GF soya sauce (hence the ‘almost’ in the title!) but you can easily throw away the soya sauce serving that comes inside the box with no risk of contamination. I have a bottle of GF soya sauce in my desk draw which I also carry around if I am going to eat in the shop, not exactly practical but I can’t have sushi without soya sauce! Yo Sushi are already on the GF soya sauce bandwagon so I’m sure Itsu will follow suit eventually. One amazing thing they do have instead is gluten free hoisin sauce and a chilli one too – so this could be a substitute if necessary!


I usually go for a soup (detox noodle soup is my favourite) along with some salmon or tuna sushi with lots of ginger. You can tell the sushi is fresh and personally I think it’s better quality than Yo Sushi but much cheaper- 6 pieces of salmon nigiri are only £3.59. Plus the service here is very good and there plenty dotted around London so its well worth a visit!




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