The Best Gluten Free Burger – Honest!

Q. When is a burger not a burger? A. When it is without its bun!
I have spent many years seeing all these new gourmet burger shops open up advertising a GF burger but on closer inspection of the menu this simply meant a ‘bun-less’ burger! Why on earth would you want a dry patty of beef on your plate – after all, you wouldn’t call a piece of ham a ‘bread-less’ sandwich?! However, my hunt for a proper GF burger came to an end a few weeks ago when I read a tweet from Kevin of about Honest Burger and their GF buns!! This would be the first GF burger I have eaten out for over 4 years so I wasn’t going to hang around- 2 days later I was walking into their Camden Branch to try it out for myself. They have 3 branches one in Camden, Brixton Market and Soho with another on its way in Notting Hill.
The Camden branch has a trendy pop up restaurant feel about it although it is a permanent fixture. There are a few seats sitting around the small kitchen but if you aren’t lucky enough to get one of the ‘chefs seats’ there are a few more tables the other side. I found out that pretty much everything on the small menu is gluten free including the chips and the only edit needed is the burgers being served in GF buns- excellent! There is also a gluten free beer on offer from Estrella to wash it all down with. I went for the ‘Honest Burger’ which is their signature burger, medium cooked patty with mature cheddar cheese, red onions served with mouth-watering chips doused in rosemary salt and mayonnaise – simply delicious!! The service here was also top-notch with the servers all having alot of gluten free and allergy knowledge which made you feel at ease. If I was going to give any feedback on these amazing burgers is that the bun is quite crumbly and only just about stays in one piece but I did wonder if toasting it would solve this? Apart from this minor detail they were amazing! Here are some photos which I think speak for themselves…

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