Selfridges New Gluten Free Deli


I have been working in Mayfair just round the corner from Selfridges for the past 2 years and I have seen the gourmet gluten free products on sale increase massively. I ventured into Selfridges FoodHall on my lunch break today on the hunt for Foodamentalists new savoury pies that were launched there yesterday. Selfridges has created a new savoury ‘Wheat and Gluten Free Deli’ with these pies on display along some very delicious looking fresh pasta! The fresh gourmet pasta included plain and flavoured tagliatelle and tortellini filled with goat cheese or spinach & ricotta. It was a tough choice for which pie to get but in the end I went for the Quiche Lorraine because I haven’t had one for a while, I will obviously be going back to sample them all anyway! Although it is quite small for the price tag- £2.79, it was very good when heated in the microwave for 30 seconds and served with salad for a light lunch.


Gluten Free Quiche Lorraine in Selfridges FoodHall

They also still have the amazing ‘Wheat and Gluten Free Bakery’ with tasty treats from WaGFree Bakery with cakes, sweet tarts and desserts which opened earlier this year. WaGFree’s main home is in Brixton Market where I recently visited for a gluten free pop up event from Celia Lager. (see my blog post here)


Along with the classic mini Victoria Sponge cakes they have more indulgent treats such as black forest gateau and big slices of strawberry cheesecake and they are amongst the best fresh cakes I have tasted! As you can see I have tried numerous cakes (for research purposes of course!!) but my favourite so far has to be the strawberry cheesecake slice with its crunchy base and super creamy filling – yum yum yum.





In the rest of the FoodHall there are many other gluten free products and brands available such as:

Peace of Cake 

Dietary Specials



Glebe Farm

Kent & Fraser

Zero Noodles



2 thoughts on “Selfridges New Gluten Free Deli

  1. Its good to know Selfridges is expanding. I was there at the end of July when I was on holiday in England and their cakes were delicious. Sadly, M&S had discontinued its sandwiches from their high street Kensington location. Can’t wait to have another holiday and return to Selfridges.

  2. This is great thank you my husband has celiac disease and has been on about how he wants some tortellini i have been looking all over it is our wedding anniversary on Sunday so think I will go and get some from Selfridges. Thank you.

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