Gourmet Gluten Free at Social Eating House

Curried hake with baby squid and cauliflour velouté

Curried hake with baby squid and cauliflower cheese

It was my birthday recently and my sister took me out for a meal as a birthday treat. In London we are lucky to be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants offering gluten free food or even a dedicated gluten free menu, but my sister was looking for somewhere that was extra special. After researching online she found Social Eating House in Soho, London. When she spoke to them they were more than happy to tell her they had lots of meals that were or could be made gluten free and said they would make sure a waiter had a full list on arrival for me. It has been a popular place since it opened and a recent review by the Guardian described it as “quintessentially Soho, with warm, assured service and wonderful food. You should all go.”

Gluten Free bread at Social Eating House, Soho

Gluten Free bread at Social Eating House, Soho

When we arrived I was really impressed by the decor- it’s upmarket but not pretentious or stuffy and I thought the décor was beautiful. One slight let down was that they didn’t follow up their promise to have a waiter ready with the gluten free list, but our waiter was more than happy to assist after he had double checked with the chef.
There seemed to be plenty I could order off the menu with some adaptions so it was a tough choice as everything sounded delicious, just make sure if you go to get your waiter to check with the chef first.
After ordering, the bread arrived on the table, a normal one for my sister and the most lovely little wooden board containing a fresh gluten free bun (still warm) and it tasted as good as it looked.
For starters I opted for the ‘Wild Mushrooms on toast, from a bag, cep purée’ (GF toast of course) as it was recommended as a very popular dish. The mushrooms arrived in a little clear parcel

Wild Mushrooms on (Gluten Free) Toast, Social Eating House

Wild Mushrooms on (Gluten Free) Toast, Social Eating House

contained in a hot stone dish still bubbling away then the waitress snipped the top of the bag at the table to release a wonderful aroma of mushrooms and the buttery sage sauce. Accompanying the dish were some small slices of GF toast smothered in a mushroom purée which you poor the mushrooms on top off so the bread soaks in the buttery sauce. To say it is heaven on a plate would be an accurate description!! My sister had the ‘Smoked Loch Duart salmon, miso crème fraîche and BBQ cucumber’ which I was told could also be made gluten free and she said it was very good.

For mains I went for ‘Baked Curried Hake, baby squid, roasted cauliflower and cheese’ and it came with a creamy cauliflower reduction to pour over. It really did taste as good as it sounds (see photo at the start of this post). It was an unusual combination of flavours; a nice soft seafood taste to the sauce with the baby squid but with the contrast of the tangy cheese on the cauliflower went strangely very well together. My

Roast Cornish Cod, Social Eating House

Roast Cornish Cod, Social Eating House

sister went for the ‘Roast Cornish cod, kombu (kelp), mousseron (mushrooms) baby gem, cockles and cream’ (right) which we were told also didn’t contain any gluten so I got to try that also and it was just as delicious as my hake. We were too full for desserts but I could have chosen from the Strawberry Mojito Sundae, a selection of ice-cream & sorbets or a cheese board.

I would really recommend this place for a special treat for anyone with a gluten allergy, its very pricey (£90-110 for 2 courses with wine) but the food is excellent so well worth it. Their menu and ingredient knowledge was thorough and the staff couldn’t have done more to help and look after our table.

Rating /5
Gluten free knowledge: GGGGG
Amount of gluten free options: GGGG
Value: GGG
Service: GGGGG

*Please note: Menus and ingredients can change so please ask the restaurant to double check with the chef before ordering*


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