My parents were down in London a couple of weeks ago visiting me and my sister. We were treating them to dinner on the Saturday night somewhere in Covent Garden and a friend recommended Bill’s Restaurant so I searched the menu. I couldn’t see the golden ‘GF’ logo or any mention of gluten free so I emailed them directly (which I usually do anywhere I go to double check) . I received a lovely reply from Georgina stating they had lots of gluten free options or adaptations available – it looked like half the menu was GF and they even had gluten free bread on offer- hurrah!! Here is the full list of what they had:


Gluten free bread
Green gordal olives
Avocado and bacon salad (less the croutons)
Terrine with gluten free bread
Summer Pea soup
Piri-piri half chicken
English rib-eye
Chicken Caesar (less the croutons)
Bill’s naked burger
Salmon and prawn skewers
Sea Bream
Lamb rump
Rocket and parmesan salad
Green salad
Tomato salad
Chilli broccoli
Jersey new potatoes
Crème brulee
Eton mess
Peach melba sundae
Mum and Dad outside Bill's, Covent Garden

Mum and Dad outside Bill’s, Covent Garden

As we arrived at Bills I was impressed with the location in the pretty St Martins Courtyard set back from the  hustle and bustle of Covent Garden. Bill’s is a chain and there are several around London and the south of England but I’m sure this is one of their more impressive locations. I was excited to make my order but I realised I had forgotten my print out of the GF options and I couldn’t access my emails. Rather than panic I thought that our waiter would surely be just as knowledgeable as Georgina was and would be able to offer me advice- I was wrong! The waiter wasn’t sure about what was GF so I asked for a GF menu/list and this also didn’t materialise because he said there weren’t any available. I was told “if you let me know what you want il go and ask the chef if it’s gluten free” at this point I did feel like the ‘fussy eater’ and the Terrine that I remembered was on the email as GF turned out to contain some gluten according to the chef so I had to pick again. This sort of conflicting information can quickly make a relaxed meal for a gluten free/coeliac turn into an anxious night out!
Luckily the food made up for it! I went for the avocado and bacon salad and they substituted the croutons for pieces of toasted GF bread- I thought this was a nice touch. The mix of crispy bacon , the avocado and a soft boiled egg was delicious.
Avocado and Bacon salad with gluten free bread at Bill's, Covent Garden

Avocado and Bacon salad with gluten free bread at Bill’s, Covent Garden

For main, I had the salmon and prawn skewers with black quinoa salad which was very good although the quinoa was cold and therefore it was crunchy- this might just be the type of grain it was but usually I have mine quite soft.
Salmon and prawn skewers with quinoa at Bill's, Covent Garden

Salmon and prawn skewers with quinoa at Bill’s, Covent Garden

I was too full for dessert but I would definitely like to try the crème brulee next time I go. In hindsight I should have asked to speak to the manager but they seemed so busy and I didn’t want to hold up our table any further. All the drama at the start of the meal was all forgotten after I tasted the food but they need to train the staff so they can be clear on all the lovely gluten free options they have for us!
Rating /5
Gluten free knowledge: GGG
Amount of  gluten free options: GGGGG
Food: GGGG
Value: GGGG
Service: GG

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