Gluten Free Glastonbury… continued!

1 day to go!

I am getting very excited now Glastonbury is just around the corner! The latest on the weather is that it will be mostly cloudy but warm over the Glastonbury weekend – lets hope the rain stays away.


The plan is to drive down after work tomorrow & we are staying in a caravan so this means plenty of room for all my gluten free snacks! I know there will be lots of food I can eat once I get there but it is still absolutely essential anyone who is gluten free or coeliac takes their own food along too. This is what I have packed…

Dried apricots, Dried cranberries , Dried blueberries, Almonds, DS Herb and Onion crackersNairn’s Biscuit BreaksPom Bears (essential for end of the night snacking!), Kelkin sourdough bread, DS Ciabatta RollsWaitrose Petit Pains


Dried fruits and nuts are great for replenishing your vitamin level at a festival but I will also be on the look out for fresh fruit smoothie stalls. DS’s white ciabatta rolls are essential and I always pack them when I go on holiday,  they have a long use by date and they travel well when squished into suitcases due to the packaging. I will be using these little rolls for bacon sandwiches in the morning (we have a few disposable BBQ’s) Once the bacon runs out I will be snacking on Nairn’s Biscuit Breaks for breakfast or anytime in the day. And finally Pom Bears are perfect for after partying snacks and they are low calorie (only 97 kcals per bag) and officially labelled gluten free 🙂

I have been doing some more research and it seems that Greenfields is the place to be for gluten frees / coeliacs as they seem to be more aware of our ‘special needs’! I also found this recent blog post and some other some useful information on vendors:


Honey Buns will be there this year selling gluten free cakes, pastries and treats. They are located down the hill from the meeting point opposite the food court. I will hopefully be able to find them!

Celia Gluten Free Lager will be selling their lovely gluten free lagers at this campsite during Glastonbury so I will definitely be stocking up on these

I will also be keeping a look out for sushi (minus soya), salads, curries, paellas, rice dishes, jacket potatoes and smoothies and will be keeping a diary of my experiences so keep a look out on here or on twitter @glutenfree4tea 

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