Gluten Free Glastonbury

8 days to go!

This will be my first time at Glastonbury and I can’t wait! The line-up looks amazing, and even though it’s predicted to both rain and shine, Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glastonbury without mud.


Aside from all the fun times, festivals can be a headache if you are gluten free or a coeliac sufferer because wheat finds its way into all the usual festival staples: burgers, sausages, chips and of course the beer! So alongside my wellies, poncho and sun cream (optimistic!) I have a long list of gluten free essentials that I will be packing. Bread rolls, breakfast biscuits, dried fruit and nuts will be getting me through those hunger pangs and providing a life line should I be caught short.

I tried researching on the internet about stalls offering gluten free options at Glastonbury 2013 without much joy and there isn’t much info on the official Glastonbury website either.


I have sent a message via their Facebook page awaiting reply but in the meantime here are some ideas I have to get through the festival weekend safely:

  • Carrying a gluten free bread roll like Dietary Specials Ciabatta Rolls (they have a long use by date) and some GF biscuits in my bag during the day for snacking / sandwiches
  • Drink Cider. Beer is always flowing at festivals but this is a total no-go as nearly every beer contains wheat. However, cider like Bulmer’s and Strongbow are naturally gluten free because they are brewed using fruit juice so I will be keeping a look out for these.
  • Jacket potatoes. They are also naturally gluten free and a tasty, filling dinner so I think I will be eating quite a few of these over the weekend!
  • Always ask the food vendor to avoid cross contamination where possible. I.e. change gloves and wash utensils if they are preparing other wheat based food- you might get a few sneers from the queue behind you but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

If anyone has any other tips or recommendations for me please send them over.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Glastonbury

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  3. This was my second Glasto, but my first since being GF. I found it ok, I ate from stall and cooked at camp the same amount as last year. Only thing that was upsetting was the osterage burgers not being GF and I bought my own bun along in anticipation (it’s a festival ritual having one).

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