The only way is Wahaca

Wahaca’s South Bank Experiment combines two of favourite things- views of the Thames & Mexican food (gluten free!). It’s a real experience visiting this quirky branch of Wahaca (they have several around London) which is built out of recycled shipping containers with huge windows looking out onto the Thames.

Wahaca is a firm favourite of mine because of its extensive gluten free menu and reasonable prices. After sampling the cocktails in the Tequila Bar upstairs whilst waiting for our table (you can’t book so there can be a long wait at busy times) I selected from the special gluten free menu:
As you can see you can choose from the tacos, taquitos, salads, sides and the larger main options (bigger taco wraps). I opted for 3 of the smaller dishes as recommended by the waitress -chicken and steak tacos and the chicken tinga taquitos:
The staff here are clued up on gluten free which is reassuring and they also explain on the menu that the chefs use great care to eliminate cross contamination by either using separate utensils and equipment or cleaning the equipment before using. One thing they explain is that the Taquitos (which are listed gluten free) are fried with other wheat products so may contain traces of gluten meaning coeliac sufferers or persons sensitive to even a trace of gluten could not have these 😦

The food itself is moreish and very tasty and is served in tapas sized dishes so it means you can sample a few different flavours.  The steak tacos come with a dollop of melted cheese on top and the deep fried crispy taquitos are heavenly for anyone like me who has usually had to forgo deep fried foods in the past.
I’m excited to hear that Wahaca have just launched a restaurant in Islington which is closer to home and of course it will be offering the usual gluten free delights-I can’t wait to try it!

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