The Allergy Show 2013

The greatest thing about the Allergy Show is meeting so many like-minded people in one place. Life with a food allergy can sometimes be tough when no one else around you is in the same boat and understands how frustrating it can be when it comes to food! So I was amazed to see the majority of stalls tailored to gluten-free allergies (about 60-70% of the show) which is really positive news for all those living with Coeliac Disease or a gluten allergy. Each stall was showcasing their products with copious samples and products for sale. (I ate A LOT of samples!)

There were plenty of familiar faces; Genius, DS, Sainsbury’s Free From and Amy’s and some newer brands on show such as BFree, Celia Lager, Secret Sausages and Heinz GF range to name but a few. Here were some of my favourites:

Favourite new products DS Quiche Lorraine and BFree Wraps:


I don’t think I have eaten pastry in the 4 years I have been gluten-free so DS’s New Quiche Lorraine was a real treat and tasted just how I remember – crispy pastry with a soft gooey centre. They come in a frozen 2 pack and are currently stocked in Asda and Tesco. I then discovered BFree’s GF wraps and I couldn’t believe my eyes- finally I can have fajitas again!! I have never been successful in finding proper tortilla wrap alternatives so I stocked up on a few packs. Apparently Asda will be the first stockist to have them so I will be keeping an eye out in the next few weeks.

Favourite stands- Perkier and Secret Sausages:


Best of the beers…. Celia Lager

Even though I didn’t drink beer or lager before I was GF I tried it anyway at the Allergy Show and loved it. Celia Lager is a fairly new product on the market after launching this February and I had chance to meet to the founders who had time to explain their story and how they had the idea to import the lager from Prague. The lager is light and refreshing – I bought a couple of bottles and enjoyed in the park with my friends who all said they actually preferred Celia to normal lager!


GF Celia Lager in the park!

I had a great day and I will be keeping an eye out for the next GF events coming up in London!


4 thoughts on “The Allergy Show 2013

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