Kirsty’s Gluten Free Ready Meals

Kirsty’s do some excellent, super healthy convenience meals that are not only tasty but totally gluten-free! I love these meals for lunchtime and I often have them at work as they are quick to prepare and keep me full all afternoon. I am lucky that my work provides a full weekly food shop from Ocado for everyone to help themselves at lunch so I always make sure a Kirsty’s meal or two is on the shopping list. They also stock them in most larger Sainsbury’s stores.


Kirsty’s Spanish Chicken with Brown Rice

Today I had the Spanish Chicken with brown rice which is only 372 calories and 2 of your 5 a day. I often find that gluten free ready meals can be higher in calories and additives but every product in this range is free from artificial flavours or colours. The Spanish chicken was tasty, the meat wasn’t dry and it had a lovely smoky tomato sauce which was slightly spicy and it was the perfect amount for a lunch. I liked the addition of the veg in the rice too- as brown rice can sometimes be abit bland.


Kirsty’s Gluten Free Spanish Chicken


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